Plumbing Division

Residential Plumbing

Service and Repair

Solutions to all plumbing problems: plugged drains, mop sinks, toilets, sinks, urinals, basins, floor drains, leaks, drain rooter, toilet plugged, drips. We also repair water and sump pumps, and work with both sewer-connected and septic tank systems.

New Installations and Renovations

Laundry rooms, bathrooms, powder rooms Bathtub/showers/basins/toilets Kitchen sinks, dishwashers, garburetors, instant hot Refrigerator water lines bathroom and kitchen remodelling New washrooms Automatic Lawn sprinklers and garden hose bibs.

Commercial Service

New Construction/Installation, Restoration, Service, Repair, and Renovations. Installation of new fixtures, commercial kitchens. General repair and renovation work including:

  • backflow preventer installation and testing
  • public washrooms
  • restaurant and bakery kitchens
  • grease trap installations
  • industrial trench drains
  • commercial grade dishwasher installations
  • urinals, toilets, basins
  • motion sensing faucets and flush valves
  • process piping: air compressor air lines
  • sprinkler systems

New main drain lines installed alongside weeping tiles in a custom home build.

New grease trap installed in restaurant as per local plumbing codes

New drain trenches for relocated counters and sinks in Restaurant.
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